ick betta fish

Freshwater Fish Diseases

ContentsAmmonia Poisoning Anchor WormsBlack SpotBody FlukesCamallanus WormsClamped FinColumnaris (Mouth Fungus)ConstipationDropsy or Malawi BloatFin Rot Fish FungusGill FlukesGill MitesHemorrhagic SepticemiaHole In The Head (HITH)IchthyosporidiumIck or IchLeechesLice or LouseNeon Tetra DiseaseNitrite/Nitrate PoisoningOxygen StarvationPop EyeRagged Tail FinRed PestSwim BladderTuberculosVelvetFish Medicine Ammonia Poisoning Possible Symptoms: Red or inflamed gills, rapid breathing, gasping at the…

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guppy tank setup

Guppy Tank Setup, Filtration, Lights, Heaters, Water Conditions, Plants

ContentsGuppy Tank Setup And FiltrationTank SizeHeatersDecorations and PlantsWater ConditionsCirculationLightsFiltration Guppy Tank Setup And Filtration You have decided you want guppies and who wouldn’t with all of the different varieties and colors available. Now you need a fish tank and a bunch of other things right? Before you get started, you…

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guppy fish care

Guppy fish care

ContentsGuppy Fish CareGuppy Species Guppy Fish Care Water Parameters for GuppiespHKHGHNitriteNitrateAmmoniaFoodTank SizeReproduction Guppy Fish Care Guppies are one of the most popular fish with new aquarist. They are generally a very hardy fish to keep, perfect for beginner aquarist, come in many different shapes and sizes, have a wide variety…

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