Cleaning fish tank filter in a perfect manner?


If you are looking to have the cleanest fish tank filter ever possible, you need to learn the ways of cleaning and maintaining it. A fish tank filter is an indispensable part of marine and freshwater aquaria. Aquarium filters help in the removal of waste products automatically and this assists in aquarium maintenance. The process of cleaning fish tank filter is fairly simple and hassle free. It is important to wait for 7-8 days from the time you cleaned the filter the last time. Marine creatures need time to adjust to this new environment prior to getting another shock of disruption of water and their routine. Apart from this, the technique which is adapted for cleaning a fish tank filter depends on the type of filter you use. Check out the owner’s manual to find if there is any specific way of cleaning the model of the filter.

Cleaning fish tank filter

cleaning fish tank filter

A mechanical filter constitutes a pad or sponge sitting inside. To clean the prime component of this filter, follow the steps:

  • The first step is scooping out some water from your filter tank in order to clean the sponge. Use the existing tank water just to benefit your fishes. This way, the fishes will be less sensitive to the kind of change you subject them to. By using a plastic cup, remove as much water as possible.
  • You need to unplug your filter. This will save you from any shock when you are cleaning the filter.
  • Now, take the bowl of water, which you scooped in the first step and clean the pad or sponge. Use water and your hands to eliminate every trace of gunk. Wash off the sponge to remove the bacteria. If touching the water of aquarium feels dirty, wear proper gloves.
  • The leftover water in the bowl can be used to clean the tubes and the casing. You can take some water from the tank and clean the parts of the filter. Use a cleaning brush to clean any hard-to-reach filter part.
  • After the sponge is cleaned, return the sponge to your fish tank filter. If the inside part carries gunk, pour clean water into it. You can now turn on your filter back.

How to clean the biological filters?

Cleaning fish tank filter is an important chore that needs to be performed by the lovers of fishes. You may be reluctant to clean your biological filter since it carries tank skimming, delicious bacteria. However, if you really want to clean it, you need to scoop or siphon out tank water, unplug the filter and scrub the components of the filter. The steps are almost the same as that of cleaning a mechanical filter. In the biological filters, you need to replace your carbon component if you find the water turning cloudy.

Tips on cleaning a chemical filter

Are you using a chemical fish tank filter? Here you just need to swap out carbon from your tank. So, whenever the water seems cloudy, the carbon needs to be removed. The steps of cleaning this filter are the same as that of a biological filter. But here you need to remove the carbon prior to starting the step-1. Before you attach the filter to the tank, the carbon should be replaced.

How to keep your aquarium clean and healthy?

keep your aquarium clean and healthyAquarium filters cannot stay clean all the time. In fact, the prime purpose of fish tank filter is to get the dirt, pollution, and gunk out of the fish tank. Thus, cleaning fish tank filter is essential. The following are some facts you need to know:

  • Among all the types of filters, mechanical filters need the most cleaning. You need to clean it once every three-four weeks. You need to schedule, mechanical filter cleaning in a way that the days are far removed from weekly and biweekly tank cleaning.
  • When it comes to the biological filter, you just need to replace the carbon when the water becomes cloudy. So, once in a month, you can carry out the cleaning.
  • The chemical filter must be cleaned whenever it malfunctions and clogs.

In case your fishes are pretty sick, you will have to clean the fish tank filter more often. If you need any advice with regards to cleaning fish tank filter, get in touch with a reliable fish veterinarian or an aquarium employee.