20 gallon fish tank

Best 20 Gallon Fish Tank

Freshwater Aquarium Starter Kits Before purchasing your 20 gallon fish tank, you need to decide on a few things if you haven’t already. What kind of fish will you be keeping? Tank size does matter for your fish. If you buy a baby Oscar, it will not last long in a 20 gallon fish tank and you will therefore be upgrading fairly quickly. Research the type of fish you are wanting to keep to ensure you will have adequate room for your fish in the tank that you are getting, especially if the 20 gallon fish tank you are considering…

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ick betta fish

Freshwater Fish Diseases

Ammonia Poisoning Possible Symptoms: Red or inflamed gills, rapid breathing, gasping at the surface of the water. Possible Causes: Poor Water Quality; Overfeeding; Overstocked; Uncycled tank Treatments: Do a 20-30% water change daily to get the ammonia levels down.  Changing too much of the water at once could possibly put your fish in shock and possibly cause more problems than what you have now.  Ammonia literally burns your fish gills making it hard for them to breath properly and in some cases it will cause death.  Always monitor your ammonia readings.  If the water changes are not helping you can…

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guppy tank setup

Guppy Tank Setup, Filtration, Lights, Heaters, Water Conditions, Plants

Guppy Tank Setup And Filtration You have decided you want guppies and who wouldn’t with all of the different varieties and colors available.   Now you need a tank and a bunch of other things right? Before you get started, you need to ask yourself a few questions. How many guppies will you be getting in your guppy tank?  Are you getting all females, all males, or males and females?  Now, if you are getting females, you need to ask yourself a few more questions.  Do I want fry (baby guppies)?  What will I do with all of the fry?  Some…

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pogostemon helferi

Plants For Betta Fish Tank

5 Best Aquarium Plants Or Plants For Betta fish Aquarium plants are essential to a healthy aquarium, they provide natural filtration, give your fish somewhere to hide, and provide your fish with nutrients they need. This is especially important for small aquariums so you must to know which plants for betta fish are the best. Java Moss Java Moss is super popular for fish tanks due to it being fast growing, low-maintenance, and hardy. Appearance: Java moss grows carpet-like, with a fuzzy appearance. Temperature: Java Moss is very tolerant, thriving in between 72°F and 90°F, however, the optimal temperature for…

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betta fish accessories

Betta Fish Accessories

5 Items Your Betta Will Love Betta fish are naturally intelligent and curious animals, and as such, they love to play. Here are 5 betta fish accessories that will encourage your betta’s natural behaviours and stimulate their mind. Betta Fish Accessories: Zoo Med Betta Hammock Wild bettas live in shallow water and so you may often see your’s near the surface looking for a place rest. The Zoo Med Betta Hammock is a large plastic leaf with a suction cup that can be attached to the aquarium glass, just below the surface. Your betta will love lazing on it so…

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best fish tank air pump

Best Fish Tank Air Pump

Top 5 Aquarium Air Pumps | Best Fish Tank Air Pump An air pump is an integral part of any aquarium set up and promotes the health of your fish. Pumps move the water and recreate natural currents, causing aeration and avoiding stagnation. Picking the best fish tank air pump will help your fish thrive and your aquarium keep running smoothly. These Top 5 air pumps will let you choose the best fish tank air pump for your aquarium. Danner Aqua-Supreme AP-8 Air Pump Features: 4 air outlets Compatible with all standard airline tubing Quiet For use in fresh and…

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fish for 10 gallon tank

Best Fish for 10 Gallon Fish Tank Setup – Which Fish You Should Choose

Many people assume that it is easy to maintain a small aquarium such as the 10-gallon fish tank, compared to the bigger tank. In fact, it is much harder to maintain a smaller tank because you need to change water almost all the time. However, if you choose to have a 10-gallon fish tank, then it is wise that you know the best fish for 10 gallon fish tank. Also, you should know what a 10-gallon fish tank represents when it comes to fish keeping. Firstly, this is one of the tiniest tanks that is highly recommended for starters. This…

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types of fish tanks

Basic 5 Saltwater Types of Fish Tanks – Saltwater Aquariums

Basic 5 types of fish tanks Spending some ample time to look at pets and getting connected to them is an amazing feeling, in draws you far away from the daily stresses of life and unnecessary concerns.  When you have a fish tank, you are contented because a fish tank is perfect for tranquil, soothing, meditative area for you to relax and get in touch with Mother Nature, in your office or home. There are different forms of fish aquariums, but the main ones are plastics or glass which enclose, so as to stimulate the environment for the fish. In…

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Easy Aquarium Maintenance

Easy Aquarium Maintenance Guidelines For Beginners

Aquarium Maintenance Aquarium Maintenance can be beneficial to have an aquarium. In addition, freshwater fish tanks are very cheap to set up as well as to maintain, plus there is a  broad variety of fish to choose from, and stock in your new aquarium. Designing and building a small ecosystem of plants and animals is a great feeling. Most people are hooked once they but their first fish tank and they soon yearn for bigger aquariums and bigger aquariums. Sadly, for most fish keepers, it may always be a bumpy ride. It is not easy to determine which fish is…

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how to take care of a betta fish

How To Take Care Of A Betta Fish – Best Betta Fish Tank

As you have carefully made your decision of having a betta fish as a new pet, there is no doubt that you need to be aware of various details on how to take care of a betta fish. Of course, this is a perfect choice, as bettas are considered to be the most beautiful and intelligent fishes. They can even recognize their owner; perform various tricks like moving a ball with their nose, etc. Furthermore, they have a striking feature which is their brilliant color and huge, fluttering fins. But the question that really pounders you a lot is how…

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