Guppy fish breeding

Guppy Fish Breeding And Fry Care

Guppy Fish Breeding and Fry Care Ask any aquarist who has guppies whether it is just to have them or they breed them how to breed guppies, while chuckling they will tell you that if you have a male and a female in your tank congratulations your female is already pregnant. As strange as it may sound, guppies are exactly that easy to breed. They will breed in poor water quality and being underfed. The problem is if you have those conditions in your tank, the pregnant female may not survive to give birth, or she may terminate her pregnancy…

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guppy tank setup

Guppy Tank Setup, Filtration, Lights, Heaters, Water Conditions, Plants

Guppy Tank Setup And Filtration You have decided you want guppies and who wouldn’t with all of the different varieties and colors available.   Now you need a tank and a bunch of other things right? Before you get started, you need to ask yourself a few questions. How many guppies will you be getting in your guppy tank?  Are you getting all females, all males, or males and females?  Now, if you are getting females, you need to ask yourself a few more questions.  Do I want fry (baby guppies)?  What will I do with all of the fry?  Some…

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guppy fish tank filtration

Guppy fish care

Guppy Fish Care Guppies are one of the most popular fish with new aquarist.  They are generally a very hardy fish to keep, perfect for beginner aquarist, come in many different shapes and sizes, have a wide variety of personality, and are some of the most colorful freshwater fish available, with just about any color available.  You cannot walk into any store that sells fish and not see at least one tank with Guppies in them and are usually one of the cheaper fish you can buy for freshwater aquariums. In this article you will know more about Guppy fish…

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healthy discus fish

8 Easy tips to ensure your freshwater fish are happy and healthy

8 Easy tips to ensure your freshwater fish are happy and healthy Sudden changes in a fish’s water conditions can be harmful or even fatal. To be safe, ask your local fish store for information regarding the conditions the fish (you are purchasing) is kept in. Specifically nitrate, nitrite, ammonia and pH levels. When you are home test your own tank, if there is a drastic variation provide more time for your fish to slowly get acclimated to your tank. Ensure the bag your fish was sold in is sealed well then place the bag floating in your fish tank…

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pogostemon helferi

Plants For Betta Fish Tank

5 Best Aquarium Plants Or Plants For Betta fish Aquarium plants are essential to a healthy aquarium, they provide natural filtration, give your fish somewhere to hide, and provide your fish with nutrients they need. This is especially important for small aquariums so you must to know which plants for betta fish are the best. Java Moss Java Moss is super popular for fish tanks due to it being fast growing, low-maintenance, and hardy. Appearance: Java moss grows carpet-like, with a fuzzy appearance. Temperature: Java Moss is very tolerant, thriving in between 72°F and 90°F, however, the optimal temperature for…

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betta fish accessories

Betta Fish Accessories

5 Items Your Betta Will Love Betta fish are naturally intelligent and curious animals, and as such, they love to play. Here are 5 betta fish accessories that will encourage your betta’s natural behaviours and stimulate their mind. Betta Fish Accessories: Zoo Med Betta Hammock Wild bettas live in shallow water and so you may often see your’s near the surface looking for a place rest. The Zoo Med Betta Hammock is a large plastic leaf with a suction cup that can be attached to the aquarium glass, just below the surface. Your betta will love lazing on it so…

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best fish tank air pump

Best Fish Tank Air Pump

Top 5 Aquarium Air Pumps | Best Fish Tank Air Pump An air pump is an integral part of any aquarium set up and promotes the health of your fish. Pumps move the water and recreate natural currents, causing aeration and avoiding stagnation. Picking the best fish tank air pump will help your fish thrive and your aquarium keep running smoothly. These Top 5 air pumps will let you choose the best fish tank air pump for your aquarium. Danner Aqua-Supreme AP-8 Air Pump Features: 4 air outlets Compatible with all standard airline tubing Quiet For use in fresh and…

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biorb fish tank

BiOrb Fish Tank Review

biOrb Fish Tank Classic Review From $69.00 to $438.99 biOrb is a brand loved by many fish owners around the world, with their elegant, modern designs and easy setup they have become a firm favorite. In this article, we will be going back to basics and looking at the biOrb CLASSIC. The biOrb Classic is available in 4 sizes; 4 gallons, 8 gallons, 16 gallons, and 28 gallons fish tanks. Features:   Made from durable acrylic 5 stage filtration process: biological, mechanical, chemical, water stabilization and Oxygenation Low Voltage, operating from a 12V transformer Includes a low voltage, long lasting…

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5 gallon fish tank

5 Gallon Fish Tank

Top Five 5-Gallon Fish Tanks Fish keeping in a hobby loved by many, however not everyone can or wants to, commit to a large, time-consuming aquarium. New fish keepers may opt, to begin with, something a little smaller, and a 5 gallon fish tank is a perfect size. 1. Marina LED Aquarium Kit Features: Marina S10 clip-on filter and ‘quick-change’ filter cartridges included Sturdy glass material LED Lighting module built in One bottle of AQUA Plus water conditioner and one bottle of Cycle Biological Supplement included Fishnet, beginners guide, and fish food included In Summary: The Marina LED 5 Gallon…

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10 gallon fish tank

10 Gallon Fish Tank Setup

10 Gallon Fish Tank I often get the question of what size aquarium is the best to start of keeping fish or what optimal fish tank size to choose. And my answer always is 10 gallon fish tank. Why 10 gallon fish tank? There are many reasons why my answer is exactly as follows: It is not too small but not too big and therefore it is easy to find him a place in any room. There are so many choices of fish and plants to grow in this size of the aquarium. Since it is not very big and…

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