How To Choose Betta Fish Name? Best Betta Fish Names

Betta Fish Names

If you just brought your new betta fish in home and set up a cool betta fish tank to it, you might have started thinking about your new family member’s name. There is a lot of Betta fish names, so if you are struggling with choosing your betta fish name, we are here to help you!

There are many ways to choose your betta fish name. You can name it after your family member, favorite movie character, athlete, musician or TV star and so on and so forth. Also, there is a lot of traditional names for fish like Bubbles, Nemo etc. But if you are reading this article you might looking for more creative and unusual name for your new friend.

Even if your fish will never know how you are calling it, you still will be telling your betta fish name to friends and family members or other fish lovers for years to come, so we recommend you to choose a funny, unusual and the most suitable name for your betta fish.

For making your decision easier, we grouped betta fish names by sex and color.

Best Names for Male Betta Fish

Abe Frank Mulder
Adam Garland Nardole
Admiral Gary Nemo
Albert Giles Noam
Albus Gonzalez Odin
Anakin Han Parker
Andy Harry Paul
Apollo Hiro Peter
Ares Homer Pike
Atticus Indie Presley
Balder James Reiichi
Bart Jamie Ron
Bear Jem Rory
Bobby Joey Ross
Bowie Jose Ryan
Brian Jupiter Sarjan
Bruce Kylo Severus
Butch Larry Sirius
Captain Leland Spike
Chandler Leo Steve
Charger Leonard Thor
Christian Loki Timmy
Clyde Louis Tom
Cohen Lucian Vader
Colin Lucius Walter
Dale Luke Wayne
Darth Lupin Wilfred
Dave Mal William
Depak Mars Wolf
Doctor Matt Xander
Doug Max Zappa
Draco Minos Zeus
Fox Moe Ziggy

Best Names for Female Betta Fish

Abigail Effie Norma
Amanda Elizabeth Olivia
Amelia Elsie Ophelia
Angela Emma Orchid
Anya Esther Padma
Astrid Euphemia Paris
Athena Evelyn Parvati
Audrey Fleur Patience
Ava Freya Patricia
Bella Geraldine Persephone
Belle Ginny Phoebe
Berry Grace Pixie
Bess Hannah Princess
Betty Hannah Priscilla
Blanche Harmony Queenie
Buffy Hermione Rachel
Bunny Hope Rey
Camilla Josie Rose
Carly Kat Ruby
Cher Laura Sarah
Cho Lauren Shelly
Coco Leia Skyler
Cora Lily Sophia
Cordelia Lola Sybil
Cupcake Louise Tara
Daisy Lucy Tatum
Diana Luna Thelma
Dianne Lyla Veronica
Donna Marnie Viola
Doris Mary Violet
Drusilla Miyoko Wendy
Duchess Molly Willow
Edith Monica Yasmin

Orange Betta Fish names

Amber Clementine Nacho Cheese
Apricot Copper Nectarine
Arancione Crookshanks Orangeade
Auburn Dorito Peaches
Autumn Ember Persimmon
Butternut Fanta Pumpkin
Butterscotch Garfield Rusty
Candy Corn Ginger Satsuma
Carrot Gingersnap Sunset
Cheddar Goldie Tang
Cheese Puff Mandarin Tangerine
Cheeto Marmalade Tigger

Yellow Betta Fish names

Barley Honey Star
Blondie Mellow Sunflower
Butterball Mustard Sunglow
Buttercup Pikachu Sunny
Custard Saffron Sunshine

Black Betta Fish names

Anise Ebony Panther
Ash Eclipse Pepsi
Beetle Ember Raven
Blackfish Grimm Reaper
Blackjack Guinness Shadow
Char Ink Smokey
Cinder Licorice Smudge
Coal/Cole Midnight Soot
Coffee Nero Tar
Crow Olive Velvet
Damien Omen Voodoo
Donnie Darko Onyx

White Betta Fish names

Arctic Ivory Quartz
Aspen     Jasmine Snowball
Beluga Magnolia Snowdrop
Blizzard Mayo Snowflake
Diamond Misty Snowy
Dove Moonshine Sugar
Ghost Opal Swan
Glacier Polar Vanilla

Funny names for Betta Fish

Bandit Fang Prince
Banshee Fizz Raptor
Bolt Flake Rocket
Brains GaGa Rowdy
Champ Genghis Sabre
Charmer Goober Sassy
Chief Hannibal Scruffy
Chomper Happy Serenity
Clogs Haughty Slick
Cowboy Hulk Sloth
Crusher Jet Speedy
Cuddles Jiffy Spirit
Dart Khan Sting
Dash Killer Sweetie
Dean Liberty Tizzy
Diablo Lux Turbo
Dink Monster Viper
Dizzy Mugs Wolverine
Doofus Nibbles Xena
Duke Outlaw Yawner
Einstein Patience Zoom


Betta Fish Names

If you are still in search of the name, we are suggesting you to choose betta fish name that has a meaning for you and your new friend or defines your fish character really well. For example, if your betta fish is very hyperactive, loves to swim a lot you can name it Ferrari or if you have pretty lazy betta fish – Mrs. Sleepy would be a funny and suitable name for your fish. Alternatively, if you got your betta in the spring season, think about names such as April, May or Blossom. We are hoping that all of the lists above helped you to choose a name for your new buddy. And of course, we know that all of the names listed was only a tip of the iceberg, so feel free to use your imagination and creativity and don’t forget to share your ideas with others!

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