The 10 Best Small Fish Tank Filters


What do you need to know before buying a small fish tank filter?

An effective water filtering system is one of the most important things you should buy for your aquarium. Pollution is extremely harmful to the environment of your fish tank and you must take certain measures to maintain healthy water conditions with small fish tank filter.

Lifestyles such as fish spill many pollutants into their normal everyday lives. When they swim, fish leave the food particles, residues and ammonia in their chambers. In nature, a large amount of available water permits all these types of contamination to spread harmless, but accumulates and rotates in the tank. Many of these decaying materials release much more ammonia into the environment. Fish does not carry a lot of ammonia, and in the short time its water will be poisonous and its fish will collapse.

Aquarium maintenance is easy enough when you understand the basic precipices. Chances are you are a bit above your aquarium, who will buy a home aquarium to keep a small fish school? You want a good collection of species and plants, which is understandable, but you will need to take additional measures to maintain balanced environmental conditions. One of the key elements is a decent aquarium filter.

Proper monitoring is the key to the stability of your filtration. If your small fish tank filter is very dirty or full, it will not work 100%, and accumulation of large quantities of fish can result in dangerous high levels of toxic ammonia. Below you will find three tips on maintaining the small fish tank filters:

1. Mechanical Filtration

mechanical aquarium filtration

Mechanical filtration to clean all the contaminated particles from the water in the tank. This is achieved by capturing these particles in the fibre or pore filter you have chosen. Over time, a filter media that collects dirty particles is filled, like a vacuum in a household vacuum, and must be emptied or replaced. One of the best aquarium cleaning tips is to set up a regular schedule for cleaning or changing the aquarium filter.

Mechanical filtering systems often include materials such as polyester fibres, which come in various shapes and sizes, which typically include woven or pressed fibre bundles. Another method that uses mechanical filtration is sponge foam, but whatever medium it uses, it must be cleaned or replaced every 3 to 4 weeks, depending on the number of fish and fish species preserved in the aquarium. Every 3-4 weeks is a good rule for a typical mechanical filtration. However, every time the filter is clogged, you must clean it.

2. Biological Filtration

biological aquarium filtration

Of the three filtration methods, the best and most effective biological filtration is the most effective. Also called bio-filtration, it will get rid of unwanted and unnatural contamination particles from aquarium water that remains a chemical and mechanical filtration. Biological filtration is a bit harder to understand, but it’s worth trying to clean it with clean tanks. Biological filtration systems take out unwanted nitrates, ammonia, bad bacteria, etc. from water in your tank. The bad bacterium are eliminated and replaced by good bacterium.

3. Chemical Filtration

In addition to mechanical filtration, you can choose a chemical filter to clean the aquarium. Chemical filtration uses molecules as purifiers. One of the most commonly used chemical filtration systems is with activated charcoal. Activated coal can remove large amounts of pollution from most aquariums because it can capture the smallest part of the pollution. Along with the carbon medium, there is also the possibility of carbon-based filtering systems.

Carbon filtering is one of the most commonly used filters in aquariums because filters can remove large amounts of pollutants and maintain clarity of water. Most people use carbon filtration in combination with one of the mechanical filtration configurations. Again, you need to set your own rules on how to keep the container clean from the filter system.

aquarium chemical filtration

Understanding the different filtering systems is essential to knowing how to clean the aquarium, as the polluted water would damage the fish. For example, if the fish does not live in the oxidation of pure hydrogen, it will affect its oxygen consumption and it will die, and the aquarium will be broken. Next, find out how much you can handle different filtering systems and how to properly clean the aquarium and do not forget to regularly monitor not only your filtration system, but all the devices that help keep your aquarium alive are better avoided.


  • Caring about others gives you meaning and satisfaction, but it usually takes a lot of effort, aquarium care is very easy to compare.
  • Compared to other pets, it is easy to go and simply break the connection with her.
  • There is nothing better than observing the fish swimming in order to bring a sense of peace
  • It produces excellent water for domestic watering.


  • That’s a lot more work than you think. You must often clean and change water and take care of water chemistry and fight against green algae. When a container is turns, it can become a battle to restore things to the order.
  • It’s a set of hobbies. Aquarium equipment is not inexpensive. Also, when you become more addicted. You will have to buy more.
  • It takes your time, if you want your fishes to be as good as possible, every week you will significantly clean the tank and filters.
  • Compared to other furnishings or ornaments, the aquarium is very heavy and difficult to move.
  • Buying an aquarium is like bringing a pet home. You have to keep it and take care of the fish inside. It is relatively free of problems compared to most other pets and can give the owner a great sense of satiety to observe the growth of the fish.

10 Best small fish tank filters:

1. Penn Plax Cascade 500 Small Fish Tank Filter

Penn Plax Cascade Small Fish Tank filter

Cascade 500 Filter, Penn Plax has designed a quality canister filter cartridge that stands out from all competitors. Penn Plax Cascade Aquarium Canister Filter is designed to be easy to use and provides maximum filtration for your aquarium. Using a series of internal support drawers, you can get mechanical and chemical filtration using threaded pads and included carbon pouch. The coarse material of the sponge will provide the surface of the biological filtration. Drawers are spacious enough to allow you to add other types of media to customize your filtering to suit your needs.

The motor head has an integrated O-ring and uses 4 large clamping pins to ensure good grip. The Cascade Filter includes a quick disconnection of pipe connections that can also be used as a flow control system. Inlet / outlet nozzles allow you to adjust the pipe angle to the desired space. The set of parts includes a sprayer and a jet nozzle so you can choose the best option for your aquarium. All the models, including the Cascade 500 filter, have a simple self-priming button that makes it easy to start.

2. Aqua Clear Small Fish Tank Filter

aquaclear 20 small fish tank filter

Aqua Clear Small Fish Tank Filter has a unique multistage filtration system that provides complete mechanical, chemical and biological filtration for superior water quality. The power filter has a filtration volume 7 times higher than comparable small fish tank filters.

It also allows for longer contact with filter media. The filter retains useful bacteria creating a stress free environment for aquarium residents and keeping aquarium water clean. Its unique cascade design allows filtrated water to visually return to the tank, gently breaking the surface tension and creating beneficial oxidation.

3. Marineland Penguin Small Fish Tank Filter

marineland penguin small fish tank filter

Providing effective mechanical and chemical filtration, this small fish tank filter removes debris, discolouration and odours from your fish tank or aquarium. Each Penguin Activated Carbon Filter contains a new Black Diamond Premium Activated Carbon with the fastest action for maximum filtration efficiency.

4. Aqueon Quietflow Led Power Fish Tank Filter

Aqueon QuietFlow LED PRO power filter

A big advantage of the Aqueon Quietflow small fish tank filters is the internal design of the pump which helps to dampen noise, eliminates leaks and, being self-priming, starts automatically after cleaning or power cuts. Higher ranges also ensure higher dissolved oxygen content for healthier and more active fish.

There are five stages of filtration: mechanical, chemical, biological and an extra special buffer to get cleaner and healthier water.

  • Dental floss moves out particles and debris.
  • Actuate carbon get rid of toxins, odours and discolouration.
  • Patented Bio-Holster takes out nitrites, toxic and ammonia.
  • The diffusor grid takes away additional toxins while summing up oxygen for more efficient fish. It also reduces spraying makes the return extremely quiet.
  • Special filtration capabilities pad for additional carbon, ammonia reducer or phosphate removal.

5. Marina Power Aquarium Filter

marina power small fish tank filter

This small fish tank filter is beautifully designed and Marina power filter is created by the same engineers who built Aquaclear filters, produced by people of the famous pet care company in Canada, HAGEN, in it’s watery product range. The Marina small fish tank filter has a unique design that will give your tank the practical and aesthetic benefits of purchasing this filter. This design makes this filter compact and slim, which is great because it will save you a lot of space behind your aquarium. And this gives the aquarium a lot of elegance.

6. Fluval 106 Small Fish Tank Filter

fluval 106 canister fish tank filter

Fluval 106 is a powerful multi-layer outdoor small fish tank filter for aquariums up to 25 gallons. The Fluval Multi-Cell filters offer advanced sealing technology and a versatile combination of mechanical, biological and chemical filtration properties. In addition, the Fluval 06 series filters allow a greater quantity than would be possible with rounded boats of the same external dimension. Increasing the volume means a larger mass of filter material and a larger filtering surface.

Liquid filters multiply this advantage by directing the water into complex flow paths for better contact with the filter. The result? Maximum efficiency, low maintenance requirements and reliable flow of clean and suitably conditioned aquarium water. Fluid filters are designed and manufactured to provide reliable and simple performance. Features such as quick-connect mounting and lifting brackets that can be raised in one pass through the enclosure make installation and maintenance quick and convenient. In addition, the AquaStop valve patented by Fluval allows you to disconnect and reconnect the pipes without endangering the system closure. This means that the filter can be immediately stopped and restarted, without starting up, for faster, easier and more convenient maintenance.

Fluval 106 External Small Fish Tank Filter:

  • Improved operation of the hydraulic motor reduces the frequency of maintenance, increases the pressure of the flow and pressure
  • Better water filtration for cleaner, healthier water
  • Sound absorption design for a smoother 8 to 15%
  • The redesigned wheel cover is less prone to breaks
  • Stronger lift clamps for more secure closure
  • An efficient lubrication system has been redesigned for easier starting.

7. Aqua-Tech Small Aquarium Filter

aqua tech poweraquarium filter

Aqua-Tech is a simple small aquarium filter that uses three-phase filtering technology, removes dirt and debris, chemical cleansing of bacteria, changes in colour and odour, and then equilibrates the correct pH of water for fish. In addition to this triple filtration system, the Aqua-Tech small aquarium filter also uses a carbon filters to clean water and is designed to have maximum contact time between water and carbon to maximize cleaning and neutralization with this little filter. This makes it one of the cleanest filtering systems on the market, besides offering excellent value for money.

As well as being one of the best filters for filtration and cleaning, the Aqua-Tech filter is very small and light, weighing only 8 ounces, which makes it very easy to hide in the tank and remove for maintenance.

The Aqua-Tech power filter comes with a carbon tank. However, the installation and replacement of the aquarium filter is not as straightforward as the other filters. This small fish tank filter is also one of the quietest filters on the market, and only noise is water flow, because the filter expels clean water from the pump.

8. Aqueon Quietflow E Internal Small Fish Tank filter

aquaeon internal power filter

Economical, efficient and easy to use, describes this new internal power filter. For use with frameless or framed aquariums. Very easy to fasten with suction cups or clips, filters can be placed and attached to the aquarium’s brim. Filters provide chemical, biological and mechanical filtration. Whole filters use Aqueon Replacing Filter Cartridges.

9. Penn Plax Cascade 400 Submersible Fish Tank Filter

cascade 400 submersible fish tank filter

A completely underwater aquarium filter in silence brings 110 gallons per hour of crystal clear water to your aquarium in the sea or soft to a size of 20 gallons. The syringe option allows an even distribution of water by helping the tank ventilation. It can be set horizontally and easily concealed.

10. Tetra Whisper EX Power Filter

tetra whisper ex small fish tank power filter

The Tetra Whisper EX small fish tank filter is designed with simplicity and comfort. This intuitive filtering system is easy to set up, ready to leave the box without the need for lifting. The scientifically designed water flow ensures continuous discharge to prevent accumulation of waste. And optimal performance maximizes water agitation and oxygenation.


  • Easy set up – set to go right out of the box. Priming not required
  • Scientifically designed water flow: Continuous flushing prevents accumulation of waste
  • Supply optimum outflow and maximises water agitation and oxygenation
  • This multi-purpose power filter has a timeout that allows you to see when the time to replace the filter
  • Easy and clean cartridge changes