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Are you a proud owner of a pet fish? Do you spend hours watching your favorite fish swim inside the aquarium? If so, you would know that the presence of an aquarium or fish tank has a soothing effect. There is something peaceful about quietly sitting by a fish tank and observing as a fish swims around in the water with its beady eyes.

best betta fish tanks

Betta fish are the most obvious choice for a pet fish. This vibrant colored fish is most often seen swimming alone in aquariums in the dentist’s clinics, offices, and homes. Such fish can thrive in small bowls, but to ensure their survival, it is best to get them a betta fish tank.

Choosing the best betta fish tank is not an easy task. This is why we are here to make this challenge a little less stressful for you.

How to choose the perfect betta fish tank

best betta fish tank

Various factors go into the decision of choosing the ideal home for your betta fish. You need to pay attention to the size, shape, water filtration system, and the presence of other necessary equipment in the tank and before doing that you should be sure that you know how to take care of a betta fish.

tetra betta fish tank

While you may choose any shape which compliments the rest of your interior, it is important that you ensure that the fish tank you pick has a water filtration system. It is because no fish can survive in contaminated water. It is necessary for a fish tank to have a filtration system to avoid the untimely death of your beautiful companion.

The ideal size of a betta fish tank is one which can hold up to a minimum two gallon of water. Since betta fish are sold in small bags and cups, many people make the mistake of thinking that betta fish can easily survive in small spaces.

However, the opposite is true. These fish thrive well in large fish tanks. It is because they can swim more in larger tanks, which is beneficial for fish health. Moreover, smaller tanks tend to get contaminated more quickly compared to larger betta fish tanks. Such contamination curtails the chances of long-term survival of these fish. Furthermore, larger tanks allow for easy cleaning and more room for you to decorate it with plants for betta fish and another decor. It is the best choice for you and your betta fish.

Therefore, ensure that the tank you decide to purchase for your fish is large enough to ensure your pet’s health and survival.

Best Betta Fish Tank Reviews

Do you feel overwhelmed with the decision of choosing the perfect home for your pet fish? Do not worry for that we are here to provide you with details of the three of the best betta fish tanks available on the market.

1. EcoQube Aquarium Desktop Betta Fish Tank

best betta fish tanks
Best Betta Fish Tank Review

The ideal size. Aesthetically pleasing. A holistic package. With such qualities backing it up, this product is considered to be the perfect sanctuary for your betta fish.


The fish tank has a size of 2 gallons, which is ideal for the optimum health of your fish and is also compact enough for you to place the container on your desk or any piece of furniture you desire.

The design of the tank features a beautiful landscape, which will surely brighten up your room. Moreover, this tank is marked by a characteristic of self-cleaning. The aquaponics filter ensures that the plant placed inside the fish tank absorbs all betta fish waste. Such a quality means that your only responsibility is to feed the betta fish, and the tank will take care of the rest.

Furthermore, the tank is accompanied by a holistic package which includes sand decoration, a mountain stone, LED light, basil seeds, and a glass cover. You are provided with a fully decorated tank with all betta fish accessories what you will need. All you have to do is to fill it up with water and put a fish inside it. It can’t get any more convenient than this.

Pros and Cons

Customers have praised this fish tank for being low maintenance. Amidst one’s hectic life, it is easy for them to maintain this tank in a way that ensures their fish’s survival while putting in the least amount of effort possible. Such convenience is appreciated by all.

However, this fish tank requires a three-week waiting period once it is set up. It is because it takes time for the basil seeds to develop enough to be ready for absorbing fish waste. Since time is money, many users do not like such a waiting period.

Nonetheless, considering that the waiting period is necessary for the low-maintenance features of the tank, many are willing to compromise.

All in all, this fish tank succeeds in delivering great value and is, therefore, one of the best betta fish tanks you can find.

2. Marina 360-Degree Aquarium Starter Kit

Marina 360-Degree Aquarium Review
Best Betta Fish Tank Review

This fish tank has a unique design which allows it to stand out amongst its competitors. It is packed with various value-added features.


This fish tank has a size of 2.65 gallons, which is perfect for you and your fish. It is compact enough to allow you the ability to place the tank anywhere you want. The design of the tank features a 360-degree bowl style. It lets you look at your fish from all dimensions. Such visibility allows this product to be effectively placed in the middle of the room.

Moreover, it is accompanied by LED lighting which gives the product a classy look and allows you to see inside the tank at all the time.

The product includes a cover which can be completely removed. Such a characteristic allows for easy cleaning and, therefore, is highly convenient. The fish tank comes with a pump and small fish tank filter to ensure that the water in the aquarium is clean at all times. The aquarium air pump allows for a constant rate of water circulation.

Pros and Cons

Those who have purchased this tank have commended it for its compact size. Since such a feature gives users liberty of choosing where to place the fish tank, many users have appreciated it. Normally, the sound of a filter is a source of annoyance for many fish owners. However, this product features a filter which does its function efficiently with minimal sound.

However, some users have suggested that the LED light should be improved to encompass the entire tank. They feel that the light only shines on the middle of the tank which does not provide optimum visibility.

Overall, this fish tank is inexpensive and includes all the necessary items to ensure that you and your fish are satisfied. If you are looking for a betta fish tank, this product will not disappoint.

3. Back to the Roots Water Garden Fish Tank

best betta fish tanks
Best Betta Fish Tank Review

This product is stylish and affordable. It aims to provide the ideal for your colorful fish.


The size of this fish tank is 3 gallons, which allows for convenient cleaning and a big enough space for your fish to swim around.

This product differentiates from other tanks due to its closed-loop system. The plants attached on the top of the tank are fertilized by betta fish waste and play a role in filtering and cleaning the contaminated water. Such a system ensures low maintenance and a self-cleaning cycle. Both these features add to your convenience.

This fish tank is accompanied with wheat grass (which is organic in nature), radish seeds, fertilizer, a water pump and gravel for decoration. Such a package means that the product delivers you everything you will need to convert the fish tank into a comfortable and safe home for your betta fish.

Pros and Cons

Customers appreciate the self-sustaining plant garden on top of the fish tank, which they believe adds to the overall aesthetic appeal of the product. Moreover, the starter kit included with the tank has all the required items which are highly convenient for the users.

However, some have pointed out that the tank has no place for a heater, and neither does it include one. Since a betta fish can only live in an environment of a certain temperature, this drawback means that people living in colder areas cannot use this product.

Apart from the mentioned drawback, this fish tank succeeds in providing an ideal home for betta fish. If you live in warmer areas where the need for a heater never arises, you may want to give this product a try.


Betta Fish

The features that the three best betta fish tanks had in common are the correct size, inclusion of filters and LED lights and low maintenance which added to the attractiveness of the products.

These overlapping features should provide you with the characteristics that make up an ideal fish tank.

Therefore, whenever you are making a decision between various options, judge each of the available tanks on the characteristics mentioned above.

You can also choose either of the three products mentioned above. Any of them will suffice in satisfying the needs of you and your vibrant companion.

Pick the best home for your betta fish. Provide it with a sanctuary, and ensure that its life is full of comfort.