The 5 Best Aquarium Coffee Tables


Are you thinking of sprucing up your living room? Well, even if you aren’t, an aquarium coffee table can take the décor of your living room to new heights. It is the ultimate statement piece that can fascinate your family and guests, besides being the central focal point of your entire home!

These aquarium coffee tables are easy to set up, don’t cost a ton, and can give a good feel to your guests. Since it is so attractive and captivating, most conversations will happen around these tables. And what’s more, everyone will feel calm and peaceful around it, thereby opening new opportunities for meaningful conversations and greater bonding. 

If you’re wondering how in the world does an aquarium coffee table fit into a living room, think again! And that’s because these fish tanks double up as perfect coffee tables on which you can share your coffee mugs and snacks. Plus, you have the option to decide what kind of fish should live in your tank and that gives you a chance to showcase your preferences and personality to the world.

The best part is? These aquariums look lovely at night and make for an enjoyable watching experience especially if you’re just trying to relax or get answers to a really difficult problem that had been eating you all day long!

Now that you’ve decided to buy that coffee table, let’s look at the top five best choices available today.

The 5 Best Coffee Tables:

1. Midwest Tropical Fountain Aqua Coffee Table Aquarium Tank – Best in Looks

Midwest Tropical Fountain Aqua Coffee Table Aquarium Tank

If you’re looking for a mesmerizing aquarium that also doubles up as a highly functional coffee table, look no further than the Midwest Tropical Fountain Aqua Coffee Table Aquarium Tank. It is a beautiful piece of work that is handcrafted with the best quality materials to make your living room a warm and inviting place for your family and friends.

These coffee tables also fit well into a business or recreational setting and can be a welcoming addition to your lounge. The bright and colorful fishes are sure to entertain your guests and make them come back just to see them again! This coffee table will undoubtedly amp up your reputation as well.

The maintenance of these coffee tables is also easy as they come with everything you need. All that you have to do is add the fishes of your choice and water! To top it, you have the choice to create a fresh or a tropical water environment, depending on the fishes you’d like and your personal preferences.

This octagon-shaped aquarium is made of acrylic and can hold about 28 gallons of water. It has a height of 15.5”, a width of 45”, and a depth of 26”. The overall weight is 95lbs. 

  • Easy to set up
  • It is highly durable as it is made of tempered glass
  • The view is unobstructed and you can see the fishes from all sides
  • It is fairly long and gives sufficient space for the fishes to swim
  • Not the best choice for non-fish creatures like small snakes or geckos as they come with many openings for them to slither out
  • The filter could have been better

2. 68 Gallon Square Coffee Table Aquarium, Fish Ready with Light and Filter – Best in Innovation

68 Gallon Square Coffee Table Aquarium, Fish Ready with Light and Filter

This is a beautiful aquarium coffee table that comes with built-in pumps, lights, and filter systems to make it easy for you to set it up right away. All that you have to do is add fish, water, and maybe a few other pieces of accessories to bring it to life.

This aquarium is completely made of glass, and this has its own advantages and disadvantages. The biggest advantage is that you can’t scratch it when you clean, unlike the acrylic ones. On the other hand, you have to be extremely careful with it, and needless to say, be cautious if you have young children.

Probably the biggest selling point is that it provides an unobstructed view since the pumps are placed right at the bottom. This means you don’t have to worry about a pump or filter kept in the middle of the tank that can block your view of the fishes from a certain angle. Plus, the built-in filters are designed keeping your fishes in mind, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning your tank often and at the same time, it gives clean water to your aquatic pets. 

Its width and length are 39” while the depth is 21”.

  • Built for easy maintenance
  • It comes with LED lights that don’t shine on your eyes and at the same time, lights up the aquarium really well
  • It gives you a relaxed feel, especially after a long day at work
  • Simple to set up
  • Comes in only one color – black

3. Long Octagon Aqua Coffee Table Aquarium

Long Octagon Aqua Coffee Table Aquarium

If you’ve been looking for a fish tank coffee table that is unique in every aspect, Long Octagon Aqua Coffee Table Aquarium is the best choice for you as this comes in perfect hexagonal shape, though it is called octagonal. This is an innovative fish tank coffee table that is designed to add a touch of luxury to your living room to make it highly inviting. Whether you want to relax after a long day at work or want to socialize with your friends and family, this is the perfect place for you. Much of this relaxation comes from the fact that the aquatic view changes constantly in this octagonal shape.

Another unique advantage of this product is that the floor is made of blue glass gravel and when you turn on the built-in light, it gives a beautiful shade of blue that is sure to pull you towards it. Also, the entire coffee table rests on a black acrylic pedestal and this also adds to its beauty. In particular, the contrast between blue and black can be truly striking, especially at night. 

Its length and width are about 30” each while the height is 16” and these dimensions make it easy to fit this table amid your existing furniture. The glass top is slightly bigger with the length and width being 38” each. 

  • Circulates the water really well
  • Highly durable
  • It lights up well at night
  • Easy to set up
  • It has only six sides, though it is called octagonal
  • Can have condensation on the top glass

4. Midwest Tropical Fountain Aqua End Table Aquarium Tank – Best Addition to any Furniture

Midwest Tropical Fountain Aqua End Table

The Midwest Tropical Fountain Aqua End Table Aquarium Tank is a great piece of furniture that can add a lot of depth and meaning to your lobby or living room. This square-shaped coffee table aquarium can fit well in any décor and pretty much in any part of the room. You can choose to have it in the middle or even move it to the corner of your wall, especially when you think you’ll have a lot of movement. 

This tank is made of acrylic, so it won’t break so easily, though scratches are possible when you try to clean too hard. The top is made of tempered glass though, so cleaning it should be easy The most salient feature of this tank is its silent filter that does its job without bothering you or its aquatic inhabitants in any way. 

A good aspect about this tank is that it comes with decorative plants, filters, pumps, and lights, so set up is a breeze. Also, the floor is a bed of blue glass gravel that can really brighten the place at night. 

It is a freshwater tank that can hold about 15 gallons of water. Its height is about 20” while the side-to-side dimension is 15.5” and weighs about 56 pounds. 

  • Setup is fairly easy
  • The filter is really silent
  • Maintenance is a breeze
  • It gives a good view
  • The light is fairly small and lights up only one part of the tank while the other is visibly dark
  • Heavy and can’t be moved around too much

5. Midwest Tropical Fountain 25 Gallon Aqua Coffee Table Aquarium Tank – Best Looking Coffee Table

Midwest Tropical Fountain 25 Gallon Aqua Tank

This freshwater tank coffee table aquarium tank is made of acrylic material and has a perfect square shape to complement any living or working space. It can hold up to 25 gallons of water and has a black base at the bottom to give greater sturdiness and stability to the coffee table. Its height is 15.5”, width is 36”, and depth is 36”. However, it is quite heavy as it weighs about 100lbs and requires some expertise in set up.

That said, the square shape gives a lot of flexibility to decorate it the way you want as it gives a symmetrical feel. Also, the design is comfortable enough for you to put your finger inside the tank to feed the fish if that’s something you’d like to do.

Another cool thing about this coffee table aquarium is that you can fix or remove the light easily through the six” opening that is present at the black base. The rocks that come in this aquarium disperse the light evenly, thereby giving you stunning views at night.

  • Square-shaped and beautiful looking
  • Comes with a sturdy base
  • The filter fits in the corner of the base and doesn’t intrude your view in any way
  • Makes it easy to place or remove the light
  • Very heavy
  • Acrylic is highly vulnerable to scratches


To conclude, a glass fish tank coffee table can be a great addition to any space and makes it a vibrant place for conversations with your friends and family. It can relax you after a long day and can instantly calm you down. 

That said, buying an aquarium coffee table can be an overwhelming experience simply because every tank looks beautiful and comes with more or less the same set of features. So, how do you decide which one is the right aquarium for you?

Best Fish Tank Coffee Table Buying Guide

Type of fish

The size and capacity have a big bearing on the type of fish you wish to house in it. To give you an idea, if you plan to have large fishes in it, you obviously need a big aquarium table and vice-versa. Also, you’ll have to decide whether you want saltwater or freshwater fishes. In general, saltwater fishes are colorful and make for an enjoyable watching experience. But they are hard to maintain and you’ll have to monitor the salinity constantly. So, pick an aquarium table based on your personal preferences for fishes.

Tank size

The size of the tank depends to a large extent on your living room or lobby space. If you have a really big living room, you can opt for a big coffee table and it will undoubtedly be the focus area for you and your guests. On the other hand, if you have a relatively smaller place, opt for a small and preferably a square or rectangle-shaped table that can give you the same look and feel without taking up too much space.


When it comes to buying an aquarium table, an often overlooked aspect is the level of movement. In other words, if you have lots of children or pets moving around often, maintaining it can be quite a hassle and you’re better off moving it to a corner part of your room. In that case, also consider acrylic tanks as the possibility for breakage is quite less. 

On the other hand, if you have older children, invest in a sturdy glass aquarium as it can make it a pleasant place to hang around and spend time with your loved ones. 

While this is not an exhaustive list of factors, it is sure to help you move in the right direction. In all, we hope the above information gives you a good starting point to add an aquarium coffee table to your décor. 

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