Basic 5 Saltwater Types of Fish Tanks – Saltwater Aquariums


Basic 5 types of fish tanks

Spending some ample time to look at pets and getting connected to them is an amazing feeling, in draws you far away from the daily stresses of life and unnecessary concerns.  When you have a fish tank, you are contented because a fish tank is perfect for tranquil, soothing, meditative area for you to relax and get in touch with Mother Nature, in your office or home.

types of fish tanksThere are different forms of fish aquariums, but the main ones are plastics or glass which enclose, so as to stimulate the environment for the fish. In addition to that, you can customize aquariums in various ways, with five primary categories for saltwater, freshwater, planted aquariums, reef as well brackish. Each of the types of fish tanks has its own uniqueness and offer a great environment for the fish of any type.

The beauty that aquariums are simply fascinating. In addition, it is quite easy to clean and take care of aquarium maintenance, although many have the notion it is very hard. On the other hand, there are numerous products advances that make it not only real for the average hobbyist, but also great.

Simple steps what you should consider about saltwater types of fish tanks

The main aim here is to do your homework perfectly before you start. So the first wise thing to do to take time for researchers. Once you have results, the next step is to look for a trusted retailer and then come up with a realistic budget.

5 Saltwater types of fish tanks

  • Fish only saltwater aquarium

types of fish tanks - saltwater aquarium

This type of fish tank comes with one variety of saltwater fish with no live rock nor corals.

  • Fish Only With Live Rock

types of fish tanks - Fish Only With Live Rock

This type of fish tank has an environment that contains different types of saltwater fish species plus live rock. Live rock is basically different pieces of broken and fragmented coral reefs that are colonized by marine life such as sponges, invertebrates as well as thousands of nitrifying micro-organisms that offer high-quality supplemental filtration.

types of fish tanks - Coral reef aquarium

This type of fish tanks features a natural environment with interesting oceanic reef with soft corals and hard corals, different types of fish species and invertebrates.

nano reef tank


This tanks is a 30-gallon structure and features a reef environment. It is very difficult and it is ideal for advanced aquarium owner. On the other hand, tiny small coral marine tanks need very serious maintenance to avoid tampering with the corals and the fish. However, a fish tank features around 10-gallon saltwater tank, featuring clownfish, and it is easy to maintain.

  •  Specialty species tank

This types of fish tanks mainly focuses on fish such as rays, sharks, seahorses, jellyfish and etc.


With sufficient knowledge about water quality, proper lighting, water circulation, it is easy to have your own saltwater fish tank.