Easy Aquarium Maintenance Guidelines For Beginners


Aquarium Maintenance

Aquarium Maintenance can be beneficial to have an aquarium. In addition, freshwater fish tanks are very cheap to set up as well as to maintain, plus there is a  broad variety of fish to choose from, and stock in your new aquarium.

Designing and building a small ecosystem of plants and animals is a great feeling. Most people are hooked once they but their first fish tank and they soon yearn for bigger aquariums and bigger aquariums.

Sadly, for most fish keepers, it may always be a bumpy ride. It is not easy to determine which fish is best to buy, what kind of maintenance to perform as well as when to carry out the performance, the amount of food to give to fish, and when to give them and other crucial things for ensuring fish are healthy and alive.

For starters, therefore, in can be nerve wrecking. There is only so much information that can one learn online and other places, however, most of this info is not reliable and contradict most of the times, so how is a beginner supposed to do?

Aquarium Maintenance Guidelines For Beginners

Make sure you cycle your tank before you add fish

Do all the necessary steps to ensure the water conditions are right for the fish. This is something you need to do before you add the fish tank. In short, you should not buy the fish tank and fish on the same day.

There is so much that goes around cycling, but it is mainly about the growth of the good organisms with your tank. These small organisms break down any waste in the tank and ensure water is as clean and healthy as possible. This will take you some ample time, and experts in the industry say you should allow the tank to run for at least seven days before you add the fish.

 Know The Parameters Of Water

Aquarium Maintenance - aquarium water parametersTherefore, how does one know when water is safe for the fish? It is intelligent to buy a cheap water testing kit to help you monitor the levels of nitrates, ammonia, nitrites as well as the pH of water. Note that nitrates, ammonia, and nitrites are simple chemical compounds that come as a result of the life cycle of the tank. They are perfect when in low levels, but can be dangerous to the life of the fish if not monitored. Therefore, adhere to the instructions of the aquarium maintenance test kit to ensure the water parameters are right.

 Before Buying Do Research

do a reseach before buying a fish pet

Before you buy any fish, take your time to carry out aquarium maintenance guidelines due diligence on the fish you want. Different fishes require particular attention how you should care of them. If you thinking about betta fish, goldfish you should research how to take care of a betta fish. Do not forget to pay attention what fish tank size you are going to have.

Beginner`s biggest mistake is to go the local pet store and buy fish on only how it looks. Sellers should help you to pick the best fish for your tank, but at the most of the times they don`t have knowledge by themselves. There is chance that you could buy aggressive fish species without knowing it or fish that aren`t compatible

Best thing to do a research on your own and learn about your pet fishes that you are considering to buy. You`d do that if you were buying a phone, right?

Along these lines, do not overcrowd your fish tank.  You should know what fish you are purchasing and what their needs. It helps you to decide how many fish can safely live a healthy life in your fish tank.

Do Not Over Deed Your Fish

It is quite hard to starve fish. You only need a single feeding per day. Make sure that you always give food items for the type of fish you have. The best option is a great flake food, however, if the bottom feeders are many, consider the sinking pellets as well.

You shouldn`t feed fish more than she could eat in a few minutes. Plenty of food can be unhealthy for the fish and can lead to disease.

Fish keepers have a schedule, utilizing one or more days per week depends on when the fish are not fed. It will help to keep the tank cleaner and fish healthier. In other words, remember that what goes into a fish must come out so more you feed your fish dirtier the tank will be.